Thursday 4 October 2012

Im sorry

I have totally been neglecting you the last few months :(

This is because i am at the moment interning in the US and also doing reserach and doing a disertation,..ahh excuses excuses!

So i promise to try and be more regular for my admit-ably small band of followers in the hopes that i may get a bit more out there for the siblings!:)

At the mo, what is really exciting is i am in America for the presidental election. Now i dont know if any of you guys follow politics but i relised a few years back that if you want something to happen for autism politians are the people you need to bug.

As much as you might hate them not believe in them..if you can find someone with a bit of compassion and morality (they do exist) they can get stuff done.

Which is why organisations and groups such as the wonderful organization Autism Speaks are really eagerly following this election, hopeing that children and families will get the recognition and the support that they deserve.

Myself, im an Obama girl (be it an irish one)

So the debate is sometime i hope to be posting on this blog and hopefully informing people about the political consideration and approach towards autism in the US..fingers crossed!

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