Sunday 23 October 2011

What is autism?

One of the most difficult questions that people ask me is this one,.. what is autism? The eternal question something so complex and misunderstood is difficult to explain in a simple sentence...even when you have grown up with it.

One of the most concise definitions though is that autism is a lifelong developmental disability that displays itself across a triad known as the triad of impairments. The triad of impairments consist of impairments in communication, social impairments and impairment of imagination. Lorna Wings excellent book "The Autistic Spectrum " introduces the triad of impairments in such an excellent and simple way, id really recommend it.

The triad of impairments are a complexity themselves, impairment of communication is fairly self explanatory - people diagnosed with ASD find it difficult to communicate . This leads to many problems especially when you consider how difficult it must be to be unable to communicate if you are thirsty and want a drink, if you are upset and if you are not feeling well. Imagine this if you could not even speak.

 Social impairment often leads to difficulty understanding social cues and social circumstances. Big group and social settings can be an issue here. Finally impairment of imagination, this can  led to the difficulty with play we often see with children lining blocks and cars in rigid rows. Imagination impairment also may led to issues relating to imagining the future and making plans, or even not being able to imagine what another person may be feeling if they are upset or not understanding the consequences of their actions if they are upset and lash out.

Learning about the triad was something that really helped me understand my brother and why he may get upset and frustrated. I often think if i find it difficult to cope with sometimes what must it be like to live with this?
That's why i think its so important to get a proper understanding of autism out into the community, its not Rainman, its not that easy. However if more people understand the complexities of what autism is,.. they may understand more of how difficult it must be to have it.

Friday 21 October 2011


Hello all!
The focus of the blog is tp provide a source of informantion for siblings of individuals diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
I myself have a 30 year old brother with autism and have felt that as a group siblings have always been neglected with it comes to information about autism.So this this blog is my small contribution to help that.Hopefully if i can make even one person feel like they are not the only person in the world struggling with this feel like that they are not alone, thats there are lots of us out here,..i will feel so content:)
Soo watch this space,...